Tips for Starting or Restarting Your Career

Whether your career is a few months old or many years in the making, often your first position is something you fall into unintentionally. Maybe you attended school to earn a certain degree but then found it difficult to find a position in that field after graduation. Maybe your discontent started even earlier and you chose not to complete your original educational goal. Maybe you were fortunate to have several job offers in different fields at the same time and simply chose the best benefits package. Whatever the case may have been when you started out in the job market, you’ve probably thought about restarting your career by doing something else.

But, how do you start over? Where do you begin? [Continue reading]

Why You Should Read More Books

Does life seem predictable to you? Do you see events happening in your mind’s eye before they become a reality? All of your experiences – good and bad – up to this moment in time have contributed to the person you are now. Do you ever feel as though … [Continue reading]

My Healthy Weight Loss Journey

Have you ever had a story that your friends keep asking you to share? Well, I’ve recently had quite a few ask me how I've lost 25 pounds since last November (yes, another pound since 7 Ways to Reinvent Your Health and Fitness). So, I guess it’s time … [Continue reading]

Are You Investing in Your Relationship Bank?

Did you think about your bank account balance today? Did the total amount available cross your mind as you were picking up a light lunch and using your debit or credit card? Given the recent state of the world’s economy, you are probably more … [Continue reading]

Being Yourself Is the Greatest Accomplishment

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson ― Do you feel as though you are being judged by those around you because your life is so different? What does it … [Continue reading]

What is the ultimate goal of liberal education?

The ultimate goal of liberal education is development of moral character through a disciplined approach of generalized study that enables students to think critically, to form arguments concisely, and to present those arguments with clarity. When … [Continue reading]

The First Thing I Would Do If I Ran a School

As a new elementary school principal, I would introduce a school-wide reading initiative. Reading is the first essential skill that students need to master in order to succeed in any subject. The earlier in life a child learns to read, the easier … [Continue reading]

A Grant Full of Thoughts: Team Teaching Insights

Taking the road less traveled has always been my life’s choice. Whether the decisions have been personal or professional, I am comfortable choosing a path that is not clearly defined. When I was approached in 2003 about participating in Stark … [Continue reading]

7 Ways to Reinvent Your Health and Fitness

Do you wake up each day instantly ready for the next adventure or are you frantically searching for the snooze button to delay your re-entry into life? Have you noticed a correlation between your ability to handle daily stressors and your level of … [Continue reading]

Reinventing Yourself

How do you keep going when life keeps handing you lemons? Whether you are in your teens or twenties, prime or golden years of your life, I’m sure you’ve felt once or twice that life is just a little too overwhelming and you have no idea what you are … [Continue reading]